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LG GT350

Be the ultimate digital socialite with the brand new LG GT350
Chatterbox Plus.

The LG GT350 Chatterbox Plus is just what you need for the ultimate messaging and social networking experience. The opening slider has a large, comfortable four-line QWERTY keypad, which makes typing messages almost as easy as on a computer. What’s more, is that the 3-inch WQVA screen on LG GT350 Chatterbox Plus is now fully touch enabled giving you the choice of both touch screen and keypad.

You will never be left out of the Social networking scene with LG GT350 Chatterbox Plus. Its entire interface is optimised for social networks, providing full integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter. It aggregates information from multiple social networks onto one screen, making it easy to instantly check status updates, keep track of friends and respond to messages. For direct access to social networking sites, the LG GT 350 Chatterbox Plus has a dedicated shortcut key on the keypad, so you always in touch

- One-stop Social Networking Widgets

- Dedicated Facebook Application

- Full Touch screen

- Push E-mail

- Unique Design and Vibrant Colour

- Embedded MSN Messenger