2010 LG Mobile Worldcup Introduction

The LG MOBILE WORLDCUP 2010 has officially kicked off! Starting in July, the world began convening at sites for the LG Mobile Worldcup, a festival of mobile culture and global competition to find the WORLD’S FASTEST TEXTER.

In 2009, a team from South Korea was crowned champion and awarded a grand prize of $100,000, with teams from the US and Argentina finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. In addition, in a separate competition sponsored by Guinness World Records®, a finalist from Portugal was awarded $10,000 and entry into the Records with a texting speed of 264 English characters in under two minutes.

This year’s National and World Championship events will continue to offer an array of entertaining activities for participation by all including texting-based video games (previously only a feature at the 2009 World Championship), new product demonstrations, game and activity kiosks, and much more.

This site is your source for information on all pertaining to the LG Mobile Worldcup 2010. Visit often and make sure to join the world in this very special event.


  • World Champion

    Team Panama
    Prize: $100,000
    Cristina Sales (20)
    Jennifer Sales (15)

  • 2nd Place

    Team Korea
    Prize: $20,000
    Eui Jin Kim (15)
    Eui Sang Lee (16)

  • 3nd Place

    Team Brazil
    Prize: $10,000
    Tiago Monteiro (22)
    Marcondes Da Silva (21)

General Information of main Competition

Stroke speed per min

  • 1) Numeric

    - The Average record: 350.68 stroke/min (Team Korea)
  • 2) Qwerty

    - The Average record: 290.03 stroke/min (Team Korea)

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Guinness World Record

  • 1) Official phrase

    The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell(UK), who filed his patent for the telephone on 14 February 1876 at the New York Patent Office, USA. The first intelligible call occurred in March 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts, when Bell phoned his assistant in a nearby room and said 'Come here Watson, I want you'
  • 2) New record

    - Record holder: Cheong Kit Au (Australia )
    - Record: 1 min 17 sec
    - Device: LG Quantum (C900)
    - New Tork, US - LG Mobile Worldcup
       World Championship NEW YORK
    - Date: 26 JAN 2011


  • Practice & Rehearsal
  • Competition & World Guinness Record
  • Award Ceremony
  • Press Interview

Main Stage

  • Main Stage
  • Main Stage
  • Guardian & Contestants Orientation
  • Guardian & Contestants Orientation

  • Welcome Dinner
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Main Stage

  • Main Stage
  • Dining
  • Dining
  • Dining

  • Dining
  • Dining
  • Dining
  • Dining

  • Guardian & Contestants Orientation
  • Guardian & Contestants Orientation

  • 2010 LG Mobile Worldcup

  • Interview

  • Game, Mobile Hero

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LG Mobile Worldcup National Championship
  • December 2010

Road to N.Y Pre-event

LG Mobile

  • January 2011
New York
LG Mobile

* Overall Schedule may alllow of some alterration.

US El Salvador Honduras Brazil Panama Guatemala Nicaragua Chile Argentina Portugal Morocco S.Africa Korea Thailand Indonesia Austrailia Portugal 10-April ~ 10-May Austrailia 20-May ~ 20-June Morocco 08-Jul ~ 08-Aug S.Africa 30-Aug ~ 30-Sep Korea 30-Jul ~ 30-Aug USA Jul ~ Sep Indonesia 02-Oct ~ 02-Nov Guatemala 30-Oct ~ 30-Nov Thailand 30-Sep ~ 30-Oct Brazil 15-Nov ~ 12-Dec Panama 19-Oct ~ 19-Nov